Harbour Centre Development Limited (stock code: 0051) is a listed subsidiary of Wharf Real Estate Investment Company Limited (stock code: 1997), with property and hotel development and investment as its core business. Mainland assets are being liquidated in an orderly manner to re-focus in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, flagship assets include Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel and The Murray, Hong Kong. Strategically located in Harbour City in Canton Road, Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel has long been a core operating asset. The Murray, Hong Kong, a luxury hotel at a prominent location in Central, was completed as one of the “Conserving Central” Initiatives in December 2017 and becomes fully operational in August 2018.

Development properties in the Mainland have been the dominant contributor to the Group's revenue and profit since 2012. Completion of the Suzhou Times City project in 2017 substantially depleted the remaining development properties' land bank. As at 30 June 2018, the Group had an attributable land bank (net of recognised sales) of approximately 0.5 million square metres.

Other Mainland assets comprise two hotels, Marco Polo Changzhou and Niccolo Suzhou, under development as part of Suzhou International Finance Square.

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